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Cannabis Taking a Bite Out of Beer Sales

Personally, I have nothing against the alcohol industry, but I do get miffed sometimes to see alcohol celebrated in our culture while cannabis is still publicly shunned and suffers through stigmatization, even in states where it’s legal. From a public policy perspective, it is clear that cannabis is the safer choice for adults as the societal costs of alcohol are much greater and taxes remain extremely low, not remotely covering the public health and safety costs increased by imbibing. We are now getting data that cannabis is taking a bite out of beer sales, as reported by Marijuana Business Daily:

The volume of beer sold in Canada declined 3% in the first 11 months of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018, according to new data from provincial alcohol boards and brewers.

The figure underscores how recreational cannabis has captured some of the beer market – and validates concerns among Canadian brewers who long feared the impact of adult-use marijuana on their sales.


In a note to investors, Cowen analyst Vivien Azer said the 3% drop in beer sales is far worse than the trends seen between 2014 and 2018, when beer sales volume declined an average 0.3% annually.

There are a lot of reasons why the cannabis community can be proud. We have put in a lot of work to end unnecessary arrests and build an industry from the ground up. We are creating jobs and revenue for our local communities and have helped decrease the use of more dangerous substances like alcohol and opioids.

We have started to see alcohol companies start making the transition to investing in the cannabis industry as they see the writing on the wall and the CEOs in charge will certainly follow the money. While these big companies may help mainstream cannabis and prove to be allies to implement much-needed federal reforms, let’s all do our best to support craft cannabis boutiques that have been on the right side of history for a long time.


Green Wednesday and Black Friday a Big Day for Cannabis Sales

In most states, cannabis sales have surpassed expectations and continue to climb. Jobs are being created and states’ coffers are bringing in millions upon millions in revenue. However, despite the gaudy meta financial numbers that make headlines, cannabis businesses, especially retailers, need the support of the cannabis community thanks to tough regulations and that pesky 280e IRS tax code that doesn’t allow normal business deductions.

Like a lot of businesses, cannabis retailers rely upon “Black Friday” sales the day after Thanksgiving to boost profits. However, unlike other businesses, “Green Wednesday” (the day before Thanksgiving) is also a big sales day as sharing cannabis with family and friends over the holidays is growing in popularity. New sales data shows that the days before and after Thanksgiving are big for the cannabis industry, as Marijuana Business Daily reports:

As shoppers head out to prepare for Thanksgiving and participate in Black Friday sales, data from two firms show consumers may be upping their purchases of marijuana products as well.

Data from Seattle-based Headset reveals that 2018 sales on “Green Wednesday” – the day before Thanksgiving – increased 63% over the average Wednesday.

And Santa Cruz, California-based Jane Technologies – which operates an online marketplace where consumers can shop for cannabis – found that 2018 Black Friday sales were up 62% over the average day.

While Green Wednesday and Black Friday sales are big for the cannabis community, those sales days are still dwarfed by April 20th, our famous holiday. Providing cannabis flower and products at the holidays among adults will only increase overtime and I imagine could cut down on drinking alcohol a bit, a potential benefit to our health and well-being (as you’ll know if you’ve ever had to deal with drunk friends and family members at holiday celebrations). This holiday season, let’s continue to spread the truth about cannabis and #BeKind.

Personally, I’m proud of Kind Leaf and other businesses that give their employees Thanksgiving Day off. Let’s support these businesses on Green Wednesday, Black Friday, and every other day.

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