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Olympic Sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson Suspended for Using Cannabis to Cope with Mother’s Death, Sports World Enraged at Latest Reefer Madness Nonsense

“We all have our different struggles, we all have our different things we deal with, but to put on a face and have to go out in front of the world and put on a face and hide my pain. Who are you? Who am I to tell you how to cope when you’re dealing with a pain or you’re dealing with a struggle that you’ve never experienced before or that you never thought you’d have to deal with. Who am I to tell you how to cope? Who am I to tell you you’re wrong for hurting?” Sha’Carri Richardson, U.S. sprinter with the sixth fastest 100 meters time in history.

The cannabis community has many reasons to celebrate freedom this July 4th Independence Day holiday, with so much momentum on our side. This week, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Virginia officially legalized, bringing us up to a total of 19 states and our nation’s capital and 44% of United States citizens now living in locales that have ended Reefer Madness prohibition within their borders. But, as usual in activism, there is more work to be done on a lot of fronts, and the plight of American Olympic sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson is an important reminder of that work. Richardson was in Oregon, the fourth state to legalize and whose citizens just celebrated the sixth anniversary of legalization, for the Olympic trials when she learned from a reporter that her biological mother had passed away. To help cope with that trauma, Ms. Richardson utilized cannabis, not violating any state law, but unfortunately the arcane rules of her sport.

ESPN reported:

“The United States Anti-Doping Agency on Friday announced that Richardson has accepted a one-month suspension. In accepting the penalty, Richardson’s results from the U.S. Olympic trials have been ‘disqualified, and she forfeits any medals, points, and prizes,’ USADA said in a statement.

“Richardson tested positive at the Olympic trials last month where she established herself as a gold-medal contender by winning the 100 meters in 10.86 seconds.”

From Reuters:

“USADA said that her ban was reduced to one month because she had used cannabis out of competition and it was unrelated to sport performance. She also successfully completed a counselling program regarding her use of the drug.

“The ban could leave Richardson, the fastest American woman this year with a time of 10.72 seconds, clear to race in the 4x100m relay at the Olympics in the first week of August, if she is one of two athletes selected by USATF on top of the first four trials finishers.


“‘This incident was about marijuana, so after my sanction is up I’ll be back and able to compete and every single time I step on the track I’ll be ready for whatever anti-doping agency to come and get what it is that they need.'”

We’ve seen important changes regarding cannabis testing in sports recently, but obviously more work needs to be done as Richardson joins Usain Bolt, the fastest man of all-time, and Michael Phelps, the fastest swimmer of all-time, as great Olympic talents that have happened to use cannabis. Heartwarmingly, the sports world has largely rallied around Sha’Carri, including two of my favorite sports ballers, Portland Trail Blazer great Damian Lillard and Patrick Mahomes, the best quarterback in the National Football League.

I think that I can speak for the entire cannabis community in saying that we are all pulling for Sha’Carri Richardson and that we will all be pulling for her as she overcomes this momentary setback to have a tremendous career. Hopefully, this will be the last time that Olympic dreams are dashed by Reefer Madness nonsense.

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$302 Million in Oregon Cannabis Tax Revenue Set Aside for Drug Treatment, Harm Reduction, and Recovery Programs

“This is an opportunity for us to lead not only in our state but in the nation,” Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski.

As a pioneer in both cannabis and drug policy reforms, Oregon has been helping lead the rest of the nation since the becoming the first to decriminalize cannabis possession all the way back in 1973. As the third state to vote to end cannabis prohibition in 2014 and the first to end criminal punishments for personal drug possession in 2020, Oregonians are demonstrating like Portugal did over two decades ago, that the failed and harmful Drug War isn’t the only way, that a new approach is better; we can invest in people, instead of just more and more prisons. Following the passage of Measure 110 and its enacting legislation, Senate Bill 755, $302 million of the state’s cannabis tax revenue has been set aside for much-needed drug treatment, harm reduction, and recovery programs, over the next two years.

With $151 million a year going towards life-saving programs, the Oregon cannabis community can be proud to shop at local craft cannabis boutiques like Kind Leaf, knowing that your hard-earned money will be invested in improving lives. The Oregon Health Justice & Recovery Alliance, the coalition that spearheaded legislative efforts released a press release announcing the passage of SB 755:

Senate Bill 755, a bill that helps create and solidify a strong Measure 110 program, has passed both legislative chambers after a final vote today by the Oregon House of Representatives. The bill passed the House 39-15 and passed the Senate earlier this session 21-8. SB 755 received bipartisan support in both chambers.

SB 755 strengthens the Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Act by:

  • Creating access to lifesaving harm reduction and addiction recovery services in all 36 counties;
  • Streamlining processes for courts by sending verification of screening assessments electronically to the jurisdictional court;
  • Requiring that youth to be referred to the juvenile system for assessment and resources, rather than adult court;
  • Requiring the collection of data to better understand and address the needs of local communities; and
  • Designating a specific portion of Measure 110 grant funding to Tribes and other BIPOC communities most impacted by the War on Drugs.

As chief petitioner of the Measure 91 legalization law and one of the chief petitioners of Measure 110, I certainly have my biases, but Oregonians can be proud of taking a sledgehammer to the racist and classist War on Drugs. Our laws should be about people, not about the drugs. It’s easy to fearmonger, but in reality, what we want for our loved ones is a better policy than just arresting and jailing nonviolent drug users. I’m so proud that a majority of Oregon voters have seen through the smokescreen of prohibitionists and understand that providing treatment, harm reduction, and recovery services work more effectively than harmful criminal convictions.

I’m especially pleased that a specific portion of cannabis tax revenue is being allocated towards Indigenous Tribes, and the Black and Brown communities most harmed by the Drug War. It has warmed my heart reading about how the Miracles Club, Oregon’s only organization targeting the African American recovery community, has already received over $200,000 thanks to the passage of Measure 110. This first round of funding has allowed Miracles to hire three new peer mentors as well as additional support staff, with the goal of turning the center into Portland’s first full-scale treatment facility tailored to communities of color.

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Centro Latino Americano, La Clinica, Yellowhawk Tribal Health, Black Mental Health Oregon, and Northwest Instituto Latino de Adicciones were also some of the recipients specializing in helping BIPOC who received grants in the first wave of Measure 110 funding. So many organizations, such as these and the Alano Club of Portland, Outside In, the Portland People’s Outreach Project, Bridges to Change, and Central City Concern, literally doing life-saving work, will now be able to help more people thanks to Measure 110 and Senate Bill 755.

When you hear of prohibitionists seeking to repeal Measure 110, know that they are advocating for thousands of unnecessary drug possession arrests that disproportionately target people of color and the poor. These prohibitionists, if they get their way, will be taking funding away from treatment, harm reduction, and recovery organizations and setting our tax dollars on fire by giving it to the prison-industrial complex instead. Oregon voters have helped lead the way towards ending the Drug War, but we must be vigilant to protect our gains. But, it’s okay to celebrate how far we have come.

When you shop at Kind Leaf, Pendleton’s premier craft cannabis boutique, you are getting the best selection of the best cannabis in the Great Northwest and supporting a small business that gives back to the local community. Come into our beautiful store or shop online via Leafly. Remember to check out our deals and know that we always provide discounts to military veterans, senior citizens, and OMMP patients.

Kind Leaf’s Cannabis Selection Can Help You Beat the Oregon Heat Wave (Or at Least Take Your Mind Off of It)

The Western United States is entering a scorching heat wave, pushing temperatures above 110 degrees in Oregon. With record-breaking temperatures making a lot of activities, including doing nothing, plenty of folks will be escaping to the coast or other bodies of water while some will want to binge watch Netflix while enjoying air conditioning. Please please please take precautions and check on others to make sure that they are okay. KAPP/KVEW TV reports:

“Summer just started this week, but it already is the dog days of the season with an unprecedented heat wave coming to our region starting Friday at 2 p.m. until Thursday evening at least.

“This morning the National Weather Service upgraded the advisory to an Excessive Heat Warning.  A heat warning doesn’t go any higher.  From Ellensburg to Pendleton, expect highs between 105° to 114° between Friday and Thursday.

“Many all-time records are going to fall in the upcoming week.  Yakima should easily cruise by their record of 110° by Sunday or Monday.  The Tri-Cities may fall short of their 115°.”

Whether you are heading to the coast, your favorite swimming hole, or plan on finally watching The Wire or Breaking Bad over the heatwave, Kind Leaf should is a must stop for every cannabis connoisseur and newbie alike. Pendleton’s premier craft cannabis boutique has the best selection in the Great Northwest and the knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you in making the right decision for your needs. Come on into the air-conditioned store, or shop online via Leafly. This week you can get 30% off of Captain Fantasy, Ghost Breath and Mint Cooks flower; Happy Kitchen Chocolate Bars and Estaweeda Granola; and Willamette Valley Alchemy Cartridges. While supplies last, you can also get 15% off of Timberline Haze and Citrus Sap flower; Serra Gumdrops and Magic Beverages; and Oregrown Badder and O-Pen Vapes. As always military veterans, senior citizens, and OMMP patients receive additional discounts. Please be safe and be kind out there!

Game Changer: Amazon Backs Legalization and Ends Most Cannabis Drug Testing

No matter your feelings about Amazon, and personally I try my best to support local businesses (just as Oregonians should support craft cannabis boutiques like Kind Leaf), the company’s announcement that it supports legalization and will stop drug testing for cannabis is a HUGE development for our movement for freedom and equality. It’s often said that federal legalization is inevitable and I often don’t like using such definitive language because it implies that activists across the country don’t have to work as hard anymore. Well, we still have to work extremely hard to legalize “the right way” but Amazon jumping on the bandwagon certainly makes ending prohibition as inevitable as it ever has been.

In addition to Amazon’s lobbying influence to change the law, its decision to end drug testing for cannabis will inevitably resonate across different business sectors and we can expect more employers to follow suit. While this game changing announcement by Amazon adds to our political and cultural momentum, it actually makes it even more imperative that advocates double down on important social justice and equity provisions that clear records, open up job opportunities, and allow for small businesses to thrive. On one hand, it’s great to have a financial behemoth like Amazon on your side, but if they are gonna enter the industry, we can expect that they will be pushing for laws and regulations that benefit their bottom line.

Amazon made their new cannabis announcement within a message to their employees titled, “Update on our vision to be Earth’s Best Employer and Earth’s Safest Place to Work“:

“In the past, like many employers, we’ve disqualified people from working at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use. However, given where state laws are moving across the U.S., we’ve changed course. We will no longer include marijuana in our comprehensive drug screening program for any positions not regulated by the Department of Transportation, and will instead treat it the same as alcohol use. We will continue to do impairment checks on the job and will test for all drugs and alcohol after any incident.

“And because we know that this issue is bigger than Amazon, our public policy team will be actively supporting The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021 (MORE Act)—federal legislation that would legalize marijuana at the federal level, expunge criminal records, and invest in impacted communities. We hope that other employers will join us, and that policymakers will act swiftly to pass this law.”

The online retailer’s decision to actively support the MORE Act, which includes restorative justice and equitable provisions that clear criminal records and invests in communities harmed by the Drug War, should add fuel to the fire of advocates working to implement legalization fairly, even in states like Oregon that have already ended prohibition within its borders. Eliminating stigmatizing convictions combined with crucial investments and ending cannabis drug testing are all important steps forward towards true freedom and equality for the cannabis community. We’ve taken another step forward in our political and cultural battle, but we can’t let up. Let’s legalize the right way, paving the way for economic opportunities for everyday Americans, and not just the Jeff Bezos of the world.

Kind Leaf is proud to offer the best selection of craft cannabis in Oregon and to give back to our local community. Please see our menu on Leafly, be on the lookout for weekly deals, and know what we always offer discounts to patients, military veterans, and senior citizens.

DEA Finally Allowing Real-World Cannabis in Research Instead of Uncle Sam’s Schwag

Despite the proclamations of Reefer Madness prohibitionists, the federal government has continually put up roadblocks stifling cannabis research. One of the major obstacles has been the fact that official federal research can only use cannabis grown at the University of Mississippi. No offense to Mississippi, but it’s not exactly known as a go-to locale for cannabis connoisseurs. Folks who actually know anything about cannabis understand that people tend to utilize strains that have 20% THC or more. Even those that prefer low-THC strains will often use strains that test above 20%. Unfortunately for researchers, patients, and the general public, Uncle Sam’s schwag has tested below 10% and the reviews of federal patients, including Oregon’s own Elvy Musikka, have not been kind. As Celebstoner reported, Elvy dropped out of the federal program stating that:

“They sent us a bunch of garbage with no THC. It was hemp, which I love to wear, but it didn’t do anything for my glaucoma.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in its announcement that they would soon be licensing more cannabis cultivators, noted that such a move was “an important step to increase opportunities for medical and scientific research.” While it is great that the DEA is finally making this important reform, it is ridiculous that it has taken this long for the agency to do something that so obviously needed to be done a long time ago. Leafly reported:

For Matthew Zorn, a Houston-based attorney, the DEA’s decision is historic. Zorn was the co-lead lawyer in a Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit, “Scottsdale Research v. DOJ/DEA,” filed last year. As a result of that lawsuit, filed on behalf of SRI, the Department of Justice released a previously confidential memo from 2018 that concluded the DEA’s long-standing policy on marijuana research violated federal law, as well as U.S. treaty obligations.

SRI has made cannabis research headlines for years now, most recently for groundbreaking studies administered by Sue Sisley, a medical doctor who conducted clinic trials with military veterans to determine if cannabis is a safe and well-tolerated treatment for managing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and pain.  

With the DEA announcement, Zorn told Leafly, “scientists will be able to clinically study the types of cannabis that are being used, with real-world cannabis. A lot of people may not appreciate the importance of that, with [national cannabis] legalization around the corner. We don’t know when, but the need for this research is urgent. We can as quickly as possible start growing and have a supply for researchers to get good data.”

It’s a shame that it has taken the DEA this long and that federal patients like Elvy have had to suffer with terrible cannabis all of these years, but this is just another step in the right direction for the cannabis community. Even though federal legalization seems to be on the way in the near future, we can’t forget patients and the medicinal properties of cannabis. With better quality cannabis and the lessening of restrictions placed on research, we are only going to see more studies that demonstrate the benefits of patients.

Kind Leaf is proud to assist OMMP patients with a 15% discount. Senior citizens (5%) and military veterans (10%) also qualify for their own discounts.

The Oregon Cannabis Industry Generates About $1,500 Per Resident

While the overall record-breaking sales and revenue numbers don’t tell the entire picture about the cannabis industry, they do paint an illustrative picture about the economic benefits legal cannabis bring to Oregon. After back-to-back record breaking sales months, the Oregon cannabis industry topped $110 million in sales for the very first time last April, with adult-use transactions crossing the $100 million mark and medical sales adding about $10 million. While April 20th always sparks cannabis sales, as Pete Danko at the Portland Business Journal reported, business is booming beyond just connoisseurs stocking up for celebrations:

“With the 4/20 cannabis “holiday,” April always brings big promotional efforts by retailers. But sales this April were 23% higher than last year and a whopping 77% higher than April 2019.

“For the first four months of 2021, sales are running 31% above last year, at $409.4 million.

“About 91.2% of that total, $373.4 million, was spent on adult-use products that are taxed at 17% by the state and 3% by cities or counties. Medical sales are not taxed.”

And as MJBizDaily found, the economic impact of the cannabis industry goes far and beyond just the total sales numbers:

“In this case, for every $1 consumers and patients spend at retail locations, an additional $2.50 will be injected into the economy, much of it at the local level.

“That impact comes directly from the day-to-day needs of workers in the cannabis industry, including spending on life’s necessities such as housing, transportation, entertainment and more.

“Marijuana businesses, consumers and patients also pay hundreds of millions of dollars in state and local taxes that are used to fund state and local government activities, including schools and roads.”

According to analysis from the the recently published 2021 MJBizFactbook, the Oregon cannabis industry will generate over $10 billion for the state over the coming years, bringing in nearly $1,500 per resident. On a per capita basis, the Beaver State ranks among the highest, with Nevada topping the list at about $1,900 per citizen. While California reigns supreme on bulk numbers, per capita the Golden State’s industry contributes a little more than $500 of economic impact per person.

It’s rather amazing how well the Oregon cannabis industry has done overall, especially considering how entrepreneurs have had to endure a lot of regulatory hurdles. Throw in federal prohibition, a lack of banking services, and the ridiculous 280e IRS tax code, and it is a testament to Oregonians hard work, dedication, and perseverance that craft cannabis boutiques like Kind Leaf have managed to survive and thrive. With momentum clearly on the cannabis community’s side, the future’s looking brighter and brighter. And greener and greener.

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Celebrate the 4/20 Holiday with Great Deals at Kind Leaf!

Everybody knows that April 20th is a special holiday for the cannabis community and there is certainly a lot to celebrate this year. Since 4/20 last year, Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, and New York have all voted to end prohibition. The latest Gallup Poll revealed that 68% of Americans believe that marijuana should be legal, an all-time high since the polling firm found that only 12% felt the same back in 1969. The most recent Pew Research Poll revealed that over 90% of Americans believe that cannabis should be legal for either adult-use or medicinal purposes, and the SAFE Banking Act passed the United States House of Representatives by a whopping 321-101 margin. The banking bill, an extremely important piece of legislation for the cannabis industry, now moves onto the Senate with a lot of bipartisan momentum. With tons to celebrate, there are no better places to stock up than Kind Leaf, Eastern Oregon’s premier craft cannabis boutique.

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Congress, Pass a Jobs Bill! Legalize Cannabis.

It’s an understatement to say that there’s a lot on the plate of our nation and leaders. While our economy has started to improve, much more still needs to be done and it is imperative that we learn to adapt quickly and think about how we can best address our needs into the future, and not just plan for “the last war”. Over the past year, one of the few economic bright spots has been the cannabis industry. Legalized states have produced thousands of new jobs and generated millions upon millions in additional revenue, while the cannabis industry, with one hand tied behind its back, has emerged as an essential, multi-billion dollar industry. Ending federal prohibition will allow the cannabis industry to truly flourish with a similar tax code and access to banking services like other business sectors. As Rolling Stone reported, ending cannabis prohibition could lead to a better economic revival in states like Michigan that have lost manufacturing jobs, and all across the land:

For example, according to a recent report by the cannabis media platform Leafly, there are more legal cannabis professionals nationwide than there are electrical engineers, dentists and paramedics. In Michigan, more than half of those cannabis-related jobs were added just in 2020 alone. Referring specifically to Michigan, the report dryly notes, “In a state known for its auto industry, the number of cannabis workers is now roughly equal to the number of auto repair mechanics.”


In 2020, according to Leafly’s findings, our industry sold $18.3 billion worth of product and supported 321,000 full-time jobs. The cannabis industry created this value last year without access to the regular security of banking and without even basic insurance programs available to every other business. Across the country, the industry did it with a concurrent illicit market competing against us every step of the way. We did it without being able to sell products between states as we do with automobiles or soybeans. Our industry is the industry of the 21st century — and it may just save us all.

This has undoubtedly been a terrible time in our country, but while so many other consumer industries have been shaken, cannabis has flourished during the darkness, proving that it can be the job creator and economic driver we need as we look to a much brighter future.

As Congress debates some serious issues about where to spend our hard-earned tax dollars and best move our nation forward, they shouldn’t ignore cannabis legalization for too long. With broad bipartisan support, sweeping Reefer Madness prohibition into the dustbin of history is a win-win for our nation. Thanks to hardworking advocates, legalization is here to stay in 17 states already, and will come to most remaining states eventually. For once, our legislators can embrace the future and help bring more jobs and revenue to communities that have suffered so much over the past year.

When you support Kind Leaf in beautiful Pendleton you are supporting an Oregonian-owned craft cannabis boutique that supports the local economy and community.

Happy Birthday to Kind Leaf! Thank You for Four Great Years!

March 10 marks four years since the opening of Kind Leaf. Through hard, work, perseverance, and, yes, great cannabis, a hope and a dream has evolved into Eastern Oregon’s premier craft cannabis boutique. There is no better place to acquire cannabis flower and products in Oregon, with a selection that can rival any place on the planet. Kind Leaf is there for the cannabis community and even for your friends and family that don’t partake as the shop stays stocked with great non-cannabis items, making it a one-stop shop for tourists and local connoisseurs alike.

When shopping at Kind Leaf, you know that you are supporting a local, Oregon-owned small business that gives back to the community and cares about its neighbors. Kind Leaf supports local events and businesses, with everything culminating in the Kind Tree program that benefits families in need of help providing a magical Christmas Day for children who would otherwise go without.

Regardless of the headlines screaming about record-breaking profits and the next state passing a legalization measure, the cannabis industry is not for the faint of heart by any means. The rules, regulations, and taxes are very burdensome and the profit margins are way too slim, but if your heart is in the right place and you provide a quality product, you can actually achieve the American dream. Kind Leaf is a great example for other businesses to follow, as good work and good deeds can equal great business. Happy fourth birthday, Kind Leaf, here’s to FOUR MORE YEARS. And then four more. And then four more…

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