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Kind Leaf’s Director of Operations on Celebstoner’s List of 1,200+ Prominent Women in Cannabis

Top lists are always going to be controversial and will ultimately leave off deserving folks, whether you are naming the top basketball, baseball, and football players of all time, ranking presidents, or listing top cannabis law reform advocates. Unfortunately, deserving women tend to get left off of cannabis lists, whether

In response to a recent list of top “Cannabis Influencers” (I must admit that I dislike the term “influencer”) that left off way too many women, Celebstoner’s Steve Bloom created a list named “500 Women That Should Be Recognized for Their Achievements in Cannabis.” Well, that list has kept adding more and more women and now names over 1,200 deserving ladies. Even with a list this size, there are still more women who should be acknowledged and I contacted Steve to nominate a couple and then he responded back that they’ve been added and he added yet another Oregonian!

Kind Leaf’s Director of Operations, Erin Purchase, is deservedly on the list. Erin has made an amazing transition from a personal parent advocate to an industry leader, as she has helped Kind Leaf become Eastern Oregon’s premier craft cannabis boutique and one of the top dispensaries in the state. If you haven’t made it to Kind Leaf yet, it is worth the trek. The drive from Portland to Pendleton is beautiful, the store is much more spacious than what you’ll find in urban areas, and their selection of around 170 strains is top notch.

Erin, aligned with everything that Kind Leaf stands for, puts the well-being of the community over profits. Coming from a medical advocacy background, she has helped Kind Leaf be a statewide leader on public safety, whether it’s concerns about vape cartridges, transparency regarding ingredients, or protecting all of us during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I commend Erin for her work in the cannabis industry and I’m happy to give her the praise that she deserves, along with many other Oregonians Steve Bloom acknowledges including federal patient Elvy Musika, who has been a prophet of the movement and has been an advocate for about as long as I’ve been alive. Thank you, Steve, for giving Erin, Elvy, and many other women the acknowledgement they deserve, and most importantly, a sincere thanks to the many, many women that have sacrificed so much for this movement. Together, we shall soon all be truly equal and free.

International Women’s Day: Cannabis Activist Edition

International Women’s Day was yesterday, so shout out to all of the women out there making the world a better place. Women don’t get the recognition that they deserve in a lot of aspects of life, and, unfortunately, cannabis activism is one of them. In honor of the day, I wanted to use my little voice to help acknowledge a handful of activists that I have gotten to know during my two-decades of activism.

Kind Leaf’s  Erin Purchase, is one example of a great activist that utilizes her position as director of operations of Eastern Oregon’s preeminent craft cannabis boutique to do good work in her local community and promote sensible regulations that work well for other small business owners and the public at large.

I’m obviously biased, but my wife Sarah Duff has been an unsung hero of the movement. She has been doing great work without much fanfare, going back to helping found the longest continuous running Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter west of the Mississippi (Mizzou!) to nearly gathering enough signatures single-handedly to place a decrim and medical measure on the Columbia, Missouri, ballot back in 2003 to helping gather the initial signatures that started the process to legalize cannabis in Oregon in 2014 to working with local growers to ensure that more than 100 patients receive free medicine every year for the past decade.  Props to our dear friend Amber Langston who helped lead the Columbia campaign to victory in 2004 and has been doing great work in activism across several states and even internationally ever since.

Back in 2007, I first met Debby Goldsberry, who has activist roots roots with the Godfather of the movement, Jack Herer. I was starstruck because she had accomplished so much in the movement. After getting to know her, I have come to understand her as someone who deeply cares about patients and the greater good. Debby helped educate the masses across the nation with great activists like Herer and others and co-founded Berkeley Patients Group in 1999, helping lead one of the nation’s pioneering and influential dispensaries for a decade. She has shared her knowledge in a book and now leads Magnolia Wellness and continues to advocate for sensible policies that can work for small businesses, patients, and the general public at large. There’s a reason High Times named her their 2011 “Activist of the Year.”

Elvy Musikka, a Eugene, Oregon, resident is one of the prophets of the movement. Elvy is one of the two remaining federal medical cannabis patients that receive medicine directly from the United States government. After her 1988 arrest, Elvy won the right to utilize cannabis due to her medicinal use treating her glaucoma. Elvy has traveled the world spreading the truth about cannabis. I’m honored to have gotten to know Elvy, even taking her to a Michael Franti and Spearhead concert in Eugene. She has a bubbly personality that is a joy to be around and she has done as much to educate people about medical cannabis as anyone. High Times named Musikka its activist of the year in 1992.

There are women doing amazing work in the cannabis activist community and industry without much fanfare. It is time that they get the recognition that they deserve. Debby Goldsberry and Elvy Musikka, both long-time pioneers, deserve to be recognized with activist legends Jack Herer and Dennis Person as two of the most important cannabis activists of all-time. Let’s lift up everyone doing good work in the cannabis community and in other important aspects of our lives, on International Women’s Day, and everyday.

OLCC Invites Erin Purchase of Kind Leaf to Join Oregon Metrc Users Group.

In mid-December 2019, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission circulated notice that they were seeking applicants from the Oregon Cannabis industry to fill positions that had opened in the state of Oregon’s Metrc users group.

From December until January 12th, over 200 Oregonians applied in hopes of gaining a position in the important group.

Erin Purchase, Director, Kind Leaf

Erin Purchase, the Director of Operations at Kind Leaf Pendleton received congratulatory notice February 6th that out of those 200 applicants, she was chosen to participate as a member. Since the inception of Kind Leaf, Purchase has been an integral part in the development and progression of the brand into one of Oregon’s largest cannabis retailers, and compliantly tracking the State’s largest selection of cannabis products.

Member selection is determined by a number factors including:
• Well rounded representation across all license types;
• Ability to communicate process-driven solutions effectively;
• Industry knowledge applied to compliance tracking software;

What is the Metrc User Group?

According to the Metrc Oregon Wiki, the Metrc User Group is comprised of approximately 60 industry members and staff partners (OLCC/Metrc).The purpose of this group is to identify, prioritize, and vote on enhancements to the OLCC’s Cannabis Tracking System (Metrc). The Metrc User Group is the representative body of licensees, medical registrants, and individuals using the Cannabis Tracking System. The Metrc User Group has been meeting since June 2017 and meets 3 to 4 times annually at the OLCC Headquarters In Milwaukie.

What Is Metrc?

“METRC” is an acronym that stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance. Metrc is a track and trace software program. Metrc is meant to monitor and verify cannabis inventories and product transits in real time for all licensed cannabis businesses in the industry. Metrc consists of a simple-interface web application, web-hosted services, a mobile application for on-site inspection by regulatory inspectors, as well as a mobile application licensee use in select states.

Metrc has the ability to integrate with other systems such as BioTrackTHC, Green Bits and other on-site programs through the use of the Metrc API, which offers an additional way of industry reporting into Metrc. The Metrc API is customized to each states rules or regulations and can vary based on the individual state requirements. This software is ready to evolve and update at anytime, with the help of regualtors and end-users

The Metrc Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) is an integral part the OLCC’s responsibility to ensure that recreational marijuana products can be tracked in the regulated market.  Every OLCC Recreational Marijuana licensee is required to participate in the CTS.

Metrc is responsible for the technical and operational components of the CTS; the OLCC is responsible for CTS statutory and regulatory issues.

Franwell provides licensees with training sessions and webinars to provide a thorough understanding of the CTS.  Prospective licensees will be required to pass a test on their knowledge of the CTS before the OLCC issues their license.

Steve Marks, OLCC
Photo by Yash Lucid

Currently 12 states and Washington DC utilize Metrc, of those areas, few are meeting to make sweeping and effective changes to the CTS. Oregon is leading the way by creating important user features like the Oregon Metrc Wiki as mentioned above, creating online access to Lab reporting and changing how certain products are regulated and reported to ensure complete consumer safety.

Kind Leaf Director Selected for OLCC & Governors Work Group

Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 19-09 , on October 4, 2019, directing state agencies to enact a temporary ban on the sale of flavored vaping products, as well as other sources or additives as they are identified in cases of vaping-related lung injury or death.

Executive Order 19-09 calls for a 180-day ban on all flavored vaping products under the emergency rule making authority of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

In addition to the temporary ban, the executive order calls for state agencies to develop plans within 90 days regarding:

• Consumer warnings about the dangers of vaping
• Ingredient disclosure for vaping products
• Testing of vaping products to determine product safety
• Improving health care provider reporting of vaping-related lung
injuries to OHA
• Increasing access to FDA-approved cessation services and
• Establishing a statewide prevention and education campaign
aimed at discouraging the use of vaping products

Executive Order 19-09 also convenes a Vaping Public Health Workgroup to advise the Governor and state agencies, examine the evidence about the causes and effects of vaping-related lung injuries, and collect feedback and input about the vaping public health crisis. Read more information about the Vaping Public Heal… .

The workgroup’s membership will consist of public health experts, Representatives from the Governor’s office, the Oregon Legislature, OHA, the Department of Justice, the Department of Agriculture, and OLCC; as well as members from law enforcement, the Association of Oregon Counties, and public stakeholders, a representative of the cannabis industry as well as the vaping business community.

The workgroup will participate in a series of closed door meetings to discuss policy recommendations for Oregon lawmakers to consider and implement. The OLCC is hoping to use this meeting to discuss thge proposed botanical terpene exemption process, discuss other additives (MCT, PG, vitamin E), and develop an evolving dialogue covering the concerns about the vaping illnesses associated with legal purchases in the Oregon cannabis market. 

Erin Purchase

Erin Purchase, Director of Operations of Kind Leaf Pendleton has been invited to participate in the Governor’s Work group. She will lean on her background in Complimentary Alternative Medicine, her long-term experience in the cannabis industry as well as her passion for consumer rights and safety.

Erin was recently featured in numerous media articles focused on the actions taken by Kind Leaf Pendleton in light of the alarming news about two Oregonians passing away from vaping related illnesses. After this news, Kind Leaf founders removed all vape pens with non-cannabis ingredients from the shelves and began questioning the sources for the non-cannabis ingredients from the producers across Oregon.

The Willamette Week reached out Erin about her reasons, here is what was said, “But Erin Purchase, director of operations for the dispensary Kind Leaf Pendleton, says she pulled 15 vape cartridge brands off her shelves because she doesn’t know what’s in them. She says stores only receive a blanket label reading ‘natural and artificial flavors.’ The retailer does not even have access to the ‘proprietary’ ingredients or the methods behind the extraction done by the processor,” Purchase says.” Read More

Erin has the intention and expectation to be a voice of reason, resting directly in between law makers and vape pen businesses, advocating for consumer safety standards.

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