Author: cannijani420

Janice Garrett works in marketing and as a budtender for Kind Leaf Pendleton since it opened in 2017. Since then she has shined as a favorite budtender among the public because her extensive knowledge of cannabis and bubbly personality. In the past she mostly worked in the medical field as a medical assistant for an OBGYN and then as a phlebotomist/microbiology assistant until finding her passion in the cannabis industry. When she isn’t busy breaking the stigma of cannabis in her small town you can find her exploring the Blue Mountains with her family. She enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, and spending quality time with her family.

“The Sweeties” A Kind Review by Janice Garrett

Farm: Frontier Farms
Strain: “The Sweeties”

“The Sweeties” by Frontier Farms.
Photo: Janice Garrett

Looking to feel refreshed and on top of the world? Stop in Kind Leaf and take a whiff of “The Sweeties” and you’ll be captivated instantly.

Frontier Farms cultivation methods brought out the ultra-strong, extremely pungent fuel-and-cookies terpene profile.

A mastermind collaboration project featuring Archive Seed Bank and Kush for Breakfast, worked to cross The White, Tahoe OG, and GSC, that was then bred with Face Off Bx1.

The smooth hits of this sticky flower will not disappoint even the pickiest cannabis connoisseur. Expect to feel creative, relaxed, and even slightly aroused as you enjoy the lift from this indica dominate hybrid. “The Sweeties” will put you on the fast track to feelin’ fine for hours at a time, so be sure not to leave her behind.

“The Sweeties” is currently available at $9.60 per gram at Kind Leaf, visit our Leafly menu to order for pick up.