Enter a Glass Giveaway and See the Best Cannabis Selection in the Great Northwest at Kind Leaf

Kind Leaf is so happy and proud to provide the best selection of cannabis and cannabis products to the best and biggest (per capita) cannabis community in all of the land. If you hurry up and venture into Pendleton’s premier craft cannabis boutique, you will be able to see very best cannabis in the Great Northwest, if not the world, and for the next week, you’ll be able to enter to win some amazing glass to add to your collection. We’ll be announcing the glass winner on September 18th and while you are shopping for cannabis, you’ll be able to pick up a plethora of items, including clothes, chapstick, books, that can satisfy both the cannabis connoisseurs and even those that don’t utilize cannabis.

Until the 13th, you’ll be able to scoop up some amazing deals on this week’s specials:

Flower: 30% OFF – Gelato, Sweet Tartz, Purple Diesel; 15% OFF – MAC 1

Edibles: 30% OFF – Gron Pips, Happy Kitchen Fruit Smackers- Apple & Peach

Extracts: 30% OFF – Siskiyou RSO; 15% OFF – No Label Extracts, All Pax Pods

Prerolls: 30%OFF – Loyal Oil Prerolls; 15% OFF – Blues Brothers 5pack & 6pack

Tinctures: 30%OFF – Siskiyou CBD Mint Tincture

Topicals: 30%OFF- Bud Rub Tins

Happy Selectember!!! Until 9/30/2021, all Select products are 20% OFF ALL MONTH LONG!!

*Everyday Discounts (please make sure to let your budtender know if you are eligible):

Senior Discount – 5% OFF entire purchase

Veteran Discount – 10% OFF

OMMP Discount – Additional 15% OFF for Oregon Medical Marijuana Patients

*OMMP Card must be present at time of purchase

*Excludes all non-cannabis and non-hemp items

*Discounts cannot be stacked, the highest available discount will be applied at the point of sale.

Remember that you can even order online via Leafly and have your order awaiting you and that when you support Kind Leaf, you are supporting a local Oregon business that gives back to our local community. Thank you so much for helping

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