The Times They Are A-Changin’: Drug Czar Seeks to Make Cannabis and Psychedelic Research Easier

While it can be extremely easy to be extremely frustrated with our nation’s drug laws, I feel that it is very important for advocates and concerned citizens to remember exactly how far we have progressed over the past few decades. The nonsense of the Drug War in general and the tragic consequences that have impacted far too many nonviolent Americans rightly anger us, but there are reasons to be optimistic as we have taken a sledgehammer to the failed war on drugs time and time again. In fact, our winning percentage at the ballot box is remarkably good and now, lately we have even been racking up victories in state legislatures across the country as well. We’re even witnessing victories at the federal level with the United States House passing the MORE Act legalization law, the DEA requesting an increase in the amounts of cannabis and psilocybin produced for research purposes and now, the US Drug Czar is seeking to make the research of all Schedule I substances, including cannabis and psychedelics easier, as the amazing folks at Marijuana Moment reported:

“The Biden administration proposed a change to the federal drug scheduling system on Thursday that it hopes will streamline research into Schedule I controlled substances including marijuana and psychedelics such as psilocybin.

“The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) said in a letter to congressional leaders and a plan posted on the agency’s website that it wants to encourage research in part by simplifying the registration process for scientists to access Schedule I drugs so that they match those for less-restricted Schedule II substances.


“Health experts have widely criticized the existing registration system as unduly onerous—particularly when it comes to Schedule I substances—and they’ve said it has inhibited research. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has described the current process as ‘lengthy and cumbersome.’”

While this is a modest step in the right direction on one hand, this change in the Drug Czar’s stance on drugs is one to celebrate. During the first campaign that I ever worked, decriminalizing 35 grams of cannabis while legalizing possession by advocates back in 2003, the Drug Czar’s office illegally used our taxpayer dollars to campaign against our local measure in the progressive college town of Columbia, Missouri. The Deputy Drug Czar and a group of staffers flew into the middle of Missouri to spread Reefer Madness and scuttle our first attempt to improve the city’s cannabis policy (we went on to win the following year in 2004). To see the current Drug Czar seek to make studying cannabis, psychedelics, and other Schedule I drugs easier less than two decades later warms this activist’s heart. Of course, we shall remain vigilant and continue moving towards ending the Drug War step by step.

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