Cannabis and Psilocybin Research to Increase Under DEA Proposal

It’s long been clear that more research has been needed to fully unlock with healing properties of cannabis as Reefer Madness propaganda and policies have blocked scientific developments that could improve and save lives of patients suffering from a wide array of debilitating conditions. With a strong majority of Americans now supporting medicinal cannabis and the legalization for all adults, the Drug Enforcement Administration is even starting to adapty. The potential benefits of psilocybin are starting to get a lot more press across the nation, in no small part thanks to Oregon passing the landmark Measure 109 therapeutic psilocybin law last November. With public opinion (and science) on the side of unleashing all of the ways that marijuana and magic mushrooms (and their compounds) can benefit the public, the DEA is proposing a huge increase in the production of cannabis, psilocybin, and psilocin for research as Marijuana Moment reported:

“DEA now wants to produce 2 million grams of marijuana, or about 4,400 pounds, in 2021. That’s a 500,000-gram increase for its initial quota for the plant for this year. And it’s proposing to manufacture 500,000 grams of cannabis extract, which is more than double its original quota.


“At first, the quota was set at 50 grams for psilocybin. Now it’s been revised to 1,500 grams—a 2,900 percent increase. DEA also wants to manufacture 1,000 grams of psilocin, instead of just 50 grams as initially proposed.


“This is welcome news for researchers and advocates. It shows a willingness from the leading federal drug enforcement agency to recognize an emerging scientific field and promote studies into the substances regardless of their Schedule I status.”

While some are understandably wary of the federal government’s and Big Pharma’s intentions when it comes to cannabis and psychedelics, so long as states are allowed to craft their own laws, then FDA-approved medicines should only increase the number of people that can benefit from these medicinal compounds. Additionally, full-scale research can open knowledge into these substances that ordinary people may not be able to discover. And the more that people become aware of the benefits and relative safety of these substances, the more success advocates will have passing state laws. As usual, we must remain vigilant, but this can be a good step in the right direction in our fight to promote more healing and end the failed Drug War.

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