Colorado Makes Game-Changer Moves for the Cannabis Industry, Oregon Should Eventually Follow Suit

Virtually all of the states that have legalized cannabis have seen bigger-than-expected revenue and job numbers, but those numbers don’t tell the whole story, especially for locally-owned craft cannabis boutiques like Kind Leaf as the federal tax burden and other regulatory hurdles really squeeze profit margins. It is imperative that states continue to look to ways to help mom-and-pops survive and thrive in a highly-regulated and competitive market that gives advantages to out-of-state multinational corporations traded on stock exchanges. One way to benefit locals who know their community the best is to open up avenues that will boost tourism for those visiting the state and entertainment options for residents, especially with more states ending prohibition within their borders. Colorado, the first state to vote to legalize, has moved forward with some common-sense moves allowing localities to regulate smoking lounges, tasting rooms and tour buses, as the The Denver Post reported:

“Denver and Aurora are among the first cities in Colorado to adopt on-site and mobile cannabis consumption, according to Truman Bradley, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, and the new rules mark what could be the rollout of the final phase of pot legalization in the state.

“According to CannaCon, which puts on cannabis expos across the country, seven U.S. states — including California, Nevada and New York — have passed laws or are considering legislation allowing gathering places for weed users.


“Mobile venues would have to have a partition separating the driver from the passengers — and their pot smoke — as well as separate filter systems for both the front and back of the bus. The cannabis buses won’t be allowed to stop outside schools, hospitals or in-patient substance abuse facilities.”

One Colorado cannabis entrepreneur rightly called these new cannabis hospitality options a “game-changer” for the industry. It is simply nonsensical to allow travelers to purchase from retailers but then prohibit them from having any legal place to utilize their cannabis. Tasting rooms can be a boom for Oregon’s farms like Green Bodhi and Siskiyou Sungrown, and so many other excellent cultivators producing the best cannabis in the world. Just like wineries and distilleries can have tours and tasting rooms, so should Oregon’s cannabis farmers. The Beaver State has long been a leading pioneer on cannabis, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from others and legislators and policymakers should certainly monitor the advancements Colorado and other states are making in cannabis hospitality options and follow suit in due time.

Kind Leaf is looking forward to a future of hosting an on-site consumption lounge in beautiful Pendleton, but in the meantime, please swing by the best craft cannabis boutique in Oregon and peruse the greatest selection of cannabis in the Great Northwest. As always, we have special deals and discounts for military veterans, senior citizens, and OMMP patients.

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