You Are Not Alone: Highest Percentage of Adults Have Tried Cannabis in Gallup Poll History

It’s been clear that the cannabis community has grown in strength and numbers over the years, with state after state rejecting Reefer Madness propaganda and moving towards more sane policies, such as decriminalization, medical use, and full legalization for all adults. The shattering of stereotypes perpetuated by decades of misinformation has finally led to strong majority support to end federal prohibition, culminating in the United States House of Representatives passing a legalization bill twice, while we all wait for the Senate to match the will of their constituents. It’s not surprising that as the laws have changed for the better and the public is better informed about cannabis that a nearly half of American adults will admit to Gallup that they have tried marijuana, an all-time high, as the polling agency reported:

“The percentage of U.S. adults who say they have tried marijuana has ticked up to 49%, the highest Gallup has measured to date. More than 50 years ago, just 4% said they had tried the drug, but that percentage surpassed 20% in 1977, 30% in 1985 and 40% in 2015.


“Generational patterns explain the increase in marijuana experimentation over the last five decades. The oldest Americans living today, those born before 1945 whom Gallup calls ‘traditionalists,’ are much less likely than those in other birth cohorts to have tried marijuana, with just 19% saying they have done so. That compares with about half of millennials (51%), Generation Xers (49%) and baby boomers (50%).


“While Americans born during the Baby Boom era or later differ little in whether they have tried marijuana, younger Americans are more likely than older Americans to say they currently smoke marijuana. The combined 2015-2021 data shows that 20% of millennials smoke marijuana, compared with 11% of Gen Xers, 9% of baby boomers and 1% of traditionalists.”

Gallup noted that they expect a majority of Americans will soon be stating that they’ve tried cannabis, with the Generation Z determining how much above 50% of the public will admit to trying the increasingly-legal-under-state-law substance. The polling company also stated that usage numbers are expected to level off as their data seems to show that people tend to stop smoking marijuana as they get older. However, I imagine that we’ll see Gallup announce record-breaking numbers for awhile as more states legalize and won’t peak until cannabis is legal federally.

While Gallup assures respondents that their answers will remain confidential, so long as prohibition remains in place, there are always gonna be people unwilling to admit to breaking federal law, especially when they fear that their job or child custody rights could be in danger. I also think that we’ll start seeing older generations continue to utilize cannabis in greater numbers for medical reasons, particularly to help alleviate chronic pain that unfortunately seems to go hand-in-hand with getting older. Far too often, Reefer Madness prohibitionists have tried to stigmatize the cannabis community as outcasts, the data shows that the American people are waking up to the lies that have been peddled for far too long. Cannabis community, you are not alone.

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Featured image courtesy of Darren Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance.

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