Mexico’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Cannabis Prohibition, With a Catch for Now

“Historic day for freedoms. The right to free development of the personality is consolidated in the case of recreational or recreational use of marijuana. The Court reiterates and reaffirms that its only commitment is to the Constitution and that it acts with full independence and autonomy.” Mexican Supreme Court Judge Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea on his Twitter (translated). 

United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently made headlines issuing a statement that called into question the justification of federal cannabis prohibition while the highest court in the land denied tax relief for a dispensary challenging the ridiculous 280E IRS tax code. Well, Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation outdid the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) by striking down personal cannabis prohibition after they gave Congress an April 30th deadline to legalize adult use. The landmark ruling is huge for the Mexican and global cannabis community and puts pressure on the Mexican Senate to pass a regulatory bill that has already been approved by the Lower House of Congress. As Yahoo News reports, the ruling doesn’t completely legalize cannabis:

“Pro-legalization campaigners said the Supreme Court ruling left cannabis users facing many uncertainties.

“Mexico United Against Crime, a non-governmental organization, said the decision ‘does not decriminalize the activities necessary to carry out consumption” such as production, possession and transportation of marijuana.’

“The ruling ‘leaves a legal vacuum with respect to the consumption, cultivation and distribution of cannabis,’ it added, calling on Congress to issue the necessary legislation.”

As The Guardian notes: “Adults wanting to cultivate and consume their own cannabis will be able to apply for permits from the health secretariat. Criminal penalties for possessing more than five grammes of marijuana or selling the drug remain in place.”

This ruling takes a sledgehammer to the War on Cannabis and the greater Drug War, but, as usual, there is still a lot of work to be done. Mexican legislators need to set up a framework that will allow small farmers and businesses to thrive and to allow adults the ability to cultivate their own personal gardens without too many regulatory hurdles. While there is more to do, this is a reason to celebrate and Mexico’s Supreme Court hasn’t just put more pressure on it’s own Senate, but on the United States Congress as well. Federal prohibition is already untenable in the U.S., it will only be more nonsensical when we share borders with two nations that have legalized. Step by step, state by state, nation by nation, common sense is on the march and we are closer to declaring a Drug Peace.

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