Oregon Measure 109 Inspires Florida Psychedelic Treatment Advocates

“When Measure 109 passed in Oregon is when we really got excited and said we think we should get something filed here in Florida.”

Drug War opponents make an interesting team. We could be on the same team even though we’ve never communicated, let alone met, and our immediate and future political goals differ in various ways. Those fighting the War on Drugs are ultimately seeking to put an end to harmful arrests and convictions that have ruined too many lives and wasted too many resources already, but we must work within the reality of our state. What is capable of passing with voters or legislators in Oregon is much different than what may pass in Texas or Florida, but while voters in other states may not be ready to decriminalize personal drug possession like Measure 110 accomplished last November or establish a psilocybin therapy model as allowed under Measure 109, the victories create momentum for other advocates to take positive steps forward in their states.

When reading about legislation introduced in Florida, it was heartening to hear Mr. Psychedelics Law President Dustin Robinson, a Fort Lauderdale-based attorney who helped draft a statewide psilocybin bill, give credit to Oregon Measure 109 as inspiration. ABC Channel 7 out of southwestern Florida recently reported on the burgeoning psychedelic treatment activist community in the Sunshine State, from those working to change the law to those currently operating ketamine therapy clinics:

“It isn’t just a psychedelic revolution it’s a consciousness revolution,” Robinson said. “We’re in a mental health crisis and we have the solution right in front of us. All we have to do is create the legal framework to allow it to come to light.”

Robinson said he expects psilocybin to get legalized in Florida over the next 4-6 years if not sooner. If magic mushrooms and MDMA clear more hurdles he said we could start seeing psychedelic centers opening up similar to the ones administering ketamine.

The psychedelics treatment movement takes me back to the years following the passage of our nation’s first medical cannabis initiatives. One of the most fascinating aspects of working in drug policy reform is learning something new nearly every single day. Every week there is new research being conducted or positive legislation introduced or a new victory to celebrate. Each step forward leads to another step forward, whether it is in your state or another state all the way across the nation, moving us forward towards a sane and compassionate drug policy that invests in people instead of prison. A sincere thanks to everyone that worked hard to pass Measure 109 and to Oregon voters for seeing through Drug War propaganda; your impact is reverberating far beyond the Beaver State’s borders.

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