Momentum in Sports Continues As Florida Boxing Commission Exempts Cannabis

Momentum in sports is an interesting phenomenon. A lot of sports announcers will certainly tout momentum as a factor in games and plenty of athletes will attest that the “Big Mo” is real, that a certain accomplishment helps a team win a game or even several games in a row. Scientists and researchers (NERDS!!! Ha!) may claim that no evidence proves that momentum exists in sports, those of us that have watched Michael Jordan’s and Tom Brady’s teams win time and time again, will just beg to differ.

Those same academics may also conclude that there’s no such thing as political momentum as well, but I’ll be a contrarian until the end and contend that I know in my bones that success begets success and that one cannabis victory does indeed create momentum that helps future victories. Sports play a big role in American culture, both reflecting our nation while at the same time influencing us. As cannabis has gone more mainstream, sports has reflected that, which in turn helps create the momentum for future wins for advocates. Fresh off the heels of positive developments in cannabis testing by the NBA, NFL, and UFC, and other leagues, the Florida Boxing Commission just announced that it would stop testing boxers and mixed martial artists for cannabis as ESPN reported:

At a meeting Tuesday, the commission voted to essentially eliminate marijuana from its prohibited drug list, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation spokesperson Patrick Fargason told ESPN on Tuesday. Previously in Florida, even trace amounts of cannabis found in a fighter’s system would lead to a suspension, fine and a victory getting overturned.

“We’re not testing for it,” Fargason said. “We’re not doing anything with it — period.”

The change was based on a recommendation from the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) medical advisory committee, as well as the UFC’s anti-doping policy run by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Fargason said. He added that if a fighter is visibly impaired on fight night, the commission would take action. But Florida will no longer test for cannabis with regards combat sports competition.

Professional athletes put so much stress on their bodies and boxers and MMA fighters are obviously at risk of serious injuries and have to endure a lot of pain. With evidence demonstrating the pain relief attributes of cannabinoids and the potential to use less opioids, far more dangerous and addictive drugs, it is common sense that professional athletes should have an opportunity to use a safer substance that could provide medicinal benefits. As more professional athletes and their fans are educated on the truth about cannabis, we’re only going to continue to see stronger popular and political support for ending federal prohibition once and for all. Big Mo is with the cannabis community!

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