‘Chopped 420’ Cooking Competition on Discovery Plus Has an Oregon Connection

As cannabis continues to move more mainstream (as you may have heard, over a third of our nation now resides in a legalized state since New York has joined us), we can expect to see cannabis represented more in our media. And that’s no joke. As we shatter more and more stereotypes, we should see less of the stupid and lazy stoner tropes and more depictions of how the cannabis community really is: just like everybody else. Enter, ‘Chopped 420’ a cooking competition show based upon the popular ‘Chopped” competition, but just with the fun twist of adding cannabis.

Deadline reports:

The Food Network is about to launch a true “high concept” television series.

Chopped 420 is a spin-off of the popular Chopped series, in which four chefs battle it out through appetizer, main course and dessert stages using picnic baskets filled with challenging foods. As the name of the new series suggests, it will explore cannabis cookery as a basket element.

The host will be comedian Ron Funches, and judges include chefs Esther Choi, Luke Reyes and Sam Talbot; drag performer and cannabis activist Laganja Estranja, and comedian Tacarra Williams. The show will start streaming on discovery+ on April 20, the annual holiday by those who indulge celebrating the best time of day to fire one up.

As The Oregonian reports, the show will have a strong Oregon connection:

Ron Funches has come a long way since he was a favorite stand-up comedian on Portland stages. In the years since he moved to Los Angeles, Funches has acted in TV series and movies, continued to do comedy, written, lent his voice to such projects as the “Trolls” movie franchise, created the “Gettin’ Better With Ron Funches” podcast, and more. Now, Funches is reaching new heights as host of “Chopped 420,” a cooking competition where chefs will be asked to include cannabis in their dishes.

I’ve got a chance to see Ron Funches comedy act in person and I think that he’s hilarious. The cannabis community should support this show and demand more like it. While you wait until April 20th, you can get your fix by watching Cooking on High on Netflix and urge the streaming service to produce another season.

If you need cannabis to spice up your dishes, or if you would prefer to purchase infused edibles from professionals, head to Kind Leaf in beautiful Pendleton for the best selection in the Great Northwest.

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