Reefer Madness Prevails in the Idaho Senate by 1 Vote

Even in states with legal cannabis, there are plenty of complaints one can levy against various laws and regulations. Well, probably not matter what state you live in, you can be thankful that it isn’t Idaho, a beautiful place that has been so infected by Reefer Madness that their Senate has actually voted to make it constitutionally prohibited to legalize cannabis and other psychoactive drugs. Spurred by lead Reefer Madness prohibitionist C. Scott Grow, the undemocratic constitution proposal passed by just one vote, despite the best efforts of hardworking, dedicated activists, as Boise State Public radio reported:

“Let Idahoans choose whether they want to live in a drug-free state – free from drug culture – or not,” he said.

Idaho is one of 14 states in the country where medical marijuana isn’t legal. It’s also one of just three states in the U.S. that outlaws products, like CBD oil, with trace amounts of THC, the plant’s main psychoactive compound. No amount of THC is legal here.

Grow also called tax revenue from marijuana sales in neighboring states “insignificant,” even though it amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars a year in some cases.

It’s rather amazing how out of touch Senator Grow is. Too think that Idaho is “drug free” is so naive and to deem revenue generated by cannabis as insignificant is insulting to his constituents. I’m guessing that there are plenty of Idaho residents that would love to have tens of millions of dollars every year going towards schools, healthcare, and veterans programs. Idaho deserves better. Please join the Idaho Cannabis Coalition in fighting for freedom, equality and common sense.

As someone that grew up in Missouri, I can sympathize with advocates that are willing to speak out in a state with draconian cannabis laws and conservative culture. It takes a lot of courage to speak truth to power about cannabis laws in Idaho, and they should all be commended. Thankfully, the fight isn’t over as common sense can still prevail in the House or, if necessary, at the ballot box.

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