Misguided Attack Against Medical Cannabis by Mississippi’s Governor

It’s 2020, so I should be used to everything being political, but I couldn’t help but be both saddened and outraged to see Mississippi’s governor attacking a medical cannabis measure on the state’s ballot as some type of “liberal” boogeyman. The science and facts are in. Medical cannabis is a nonpartisan issue and allowing medical use has benefitted states and their residents across our great nation.

Marijuana Moment reports:

The governor of Mississippi is not happy about the medical marijuana measures on his state’s ballot this week, saying they are favored by “stoners.”

“There are good folks on all sides of the medical marijuana debate. Most non-stoners say we should be careful & deliberate,” Gov. Tate Reeves (R) tweeted. “Initiative 65 is the opposite.”

“Experts say it would mean the most liberal weed rules in the US! Pot shops everywhere—no local authority,” he said.

Too much of our lives have devolved into a “liberal” vs. “conservative,” “blue state” vs. “red state” fight and that just shouldn’t be the case for many issues, especially medical cannabis. Decisions about medical cannabis should be a private matter between people and their doctors, and a supermajority of Americans agree with that. A strong majority understand that cannabis prohibition should be repealed and that adults should be trusted to make their own choices regarding cannabis.

Beyond the personal liberty and medical privacy aspects of cannabis, there is the fact that medical cannabis laws have proven to benefit patients and states in a number of ways. Study after study has shown various medical benefits and research has shown that opioid usage has decreased. Since states starting legalizing medical cannabis back in 1996, we certainly have seen that the sky hasn’t fallen and there is zero justification for arresting, prosecuting, jailing, and imposing criminal records on patients and their providers.

Residents of the United States of America need to find common ground on as many issues as possible. Medical cannabis and ending prohibition are two of the most agreed upon “controversial” issues in our nation. Let’s remember that more binds us than divides us as Americans. So stop into a craft cannabis boutique, preferably Kind Leaf in beautiful Pendleton, Oregon, and help alleviate your election day stress with the best cannabis selection in Oregon. Maybe purchase a gift for a friend that doesn’t share your exact same political views and make some time to bond over something that brings us together. We need a lot more of that these days.

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