Camping Season Is Here, Stock Up on Grön Chocolate at Kind Leaf

I remember when I first moved to Oregon back in 2004, marveling at a map, back when people still used actual printed-on-paper maps, of Oregon, making the pledge that I would visit every state and national park in the beautiful Beaver State. I still have a ways to go, but I’ve been blessed with several epic camping trips. Of course, no camping trip is complete without a campfire and s’mores. And if you and your fellow campers are adults who enjoy cannabis, be sure to stock up with Grön Chocolate at Kind Leaf for an elevating adult treat.

As Bon Appetit noted, Grön has a variety of options and some CBD only treats for those that don’t partake in THC:

Grön Chocolates offers a selection of chocolate bars, bites, and bits available in CBD-dominant or 1:1 (THC:CBD) options. Their nine chocolate bars include a mix of offerings ranging from dark chocolate and sea salt to milk chocolate with peanut butter and pretzels, as well as bits and bites for those seeking a single serving treat. Also, they have a CBD only line consisting of chocolate bars, CBC skin care products, tinctures, and bite-size creations that can be sampled at their Portland based CBD Café, purchased from select grocery stores, or ordered online.

When you support Kind Leaf and Grön, you aren’t just getting great products, you are supporting small craft businesses. Both Kind Leaf and Grön are real-deal Oregon businesses that the cannabis community say that they want to support over big corporations. Now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is by putting delicious THC and/or CBD-infused chocolate in your mouth. It is a win-win-win. You can even order online via Leafly and utilize the curbside window. Enjoy!

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