Kind Leaf Cares and Is Taking Coronavirus Precautions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the coronavirus has infected over 90,000 people and has spread into several countries, including the United States. With reported infections in Washington State and Oregon, it is imperative that everyone take necessary precautions to help stymie the spread of this pandemic, especially for the sake of vulnerable populations with immunity deficiencies. Always placing people above profits, Kind Leaf is taking extra precautions to protect our customers, staff, vendors, and local community from the coronavirus.

A message to Kind Leaf’s visitors:

We are providing hand sanitizer at our front door- please use it when entering our facility as there are instances of Coronavirus in Pendleton, Oregon.
We are also disinfecting our facility every half-hour to help do our part to prevent the spread of this contagion.
If you see some of our staff wearing masks please be aware that they are not sick, some have preexisting conditions that require extra preventative measures.
Please be safe and be well.
Kind Leaf

There is no need to panic, but everyone should take extra precautions recommended by health experts such as washing your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, stay home if you are feeling sick, and seek medical care if you are experiencing symptoms. Workplaces should join Kind Leaf in disinfecting their work environment often and instituting policies to ensure that ill employees don’t come to work.

In times like these, it is important that communities pull together and support one another in every way possible. You can count on Kind Leaf to put the health of its customers and local community first and foremost.



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