Brave Navy Veteran Fights for Medical Cannabis Patients Rights to Housing

Our veterans and their families sacrifice so much for our nation that it is heartbreaking to hear of anytime that they aren’t treated fairly. Unfortunately, Mary Cease, a Navy veteran, is facing housing discrimination because of her medical cannabis use because she was honest about her use of medical cannabis, legal under state law. Fortunately, this Navy veteran is a warrior who is fighting for her rights in an effort that will hopefully lead to protections for all medical cannabis patients. USA Today reports on how Ms. Cease “has been denied federally subsidized housing because she admitted on her application to using a portion of her Social Security payments to pay for cannabis”:

On Feb. 13, a panel of three Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judges met at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and heard an appeal by Harrisburg-based attorneys on behalf of Mary. She sat in the room and watched.

“I’m doing it because it’s not just for me,” Mary said. “It’s for thousands of other people facing the same problem. I’m setting the precedent.”

Her lawyers argue that under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act discrimination for using the medicine is prohibited, and the only class of people prohibited from residing in federally subsidized housing is sex offenders.

It’s a shame that any patient must feel that they have to hide their medicinal use of cannabis. It is a tragedy for patients battling severe and debilitating medical conditions to face losing their housing over a safe and effective medicine recommended by their doctor. Hopefully, Mary Cease wins her case and help not only herself, but medical patients across her state and the nation. Her case, win or lose, is definitely another step in our fight for freedom as the cannabis community continues to work step by step for true freedom and equality.

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