Reefer Madness Group Calls Cannabis Consumers’ Blood “Tainted”

Reefer Madness rhetoric has caused so much hurt and trauma over the past century, finding ways to demonize the cannabis community. Racism has been utilized over the decades, leading to people of color disproportionately feeling the brunt of the Drug War, but virtually no one is immune to Reefer Madness nonsense as unscientific fear mongering regarding cannabis making people go crazy has been a common trope over the years. In the year 2020, you wouldn’t think that prohibitionists wouldn’t fine yet another offensive way to demean the cannabis community, but Parents Opposed to Pot has found one, declaring that the blood of those that utilize cannabis is “tainted.”

KMTV triggered this latest nonsense by reporting that Nevada Made Marijuana in Henderson was bringing a mobile blood donation vehicle to its store:

The cannabis business said it hopes to not only give back to the community through the blood drive but to also raise awareness to the fact that cannabis users can donate life-saving blood.


The dispensary quotes the Red Cross with the following: “The American Red Cross does not test for THC, and legal or illegal use of marijuana is not a cause for blood donation deferral.”

Nevada Made Marijuana also says it hopes to break this stigma while being able to guide qualified cannabis-using donors to Nevada’s blood banks and donor services.

Maybe I shouldn’t be giving Parents Opposed to Pot, which declares itself a “nationwide group to educate about the dangers of marijuana expansion” any publicity, but I just felt that calling cannabis users’ blood “tainted” deserved exposure as anything that could unnecessarily reduce blood donations is rather dangerous. While it is frustrating to have to combat such Reefer Madness, I got a feeling that ludicrous rhetoric like this only helps our cause for legalization as it clearly demonstrates that our opponents are basing their beliefs on unfounded fears.

Featured Photo Credit: Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

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