Cannabis Couples, Get Your Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts at Kind Leaf

If you’re like me, you are a last-minute shopper for gifts of all kinds, and Valentine’s Day is no different. We are only getting busier and busier these days and just because us last-minute wait to purchase our gifts, it doesn’t mean that we care any less than those that plan ahead. In fact, if your significant other(s) or loved ones are members of the cannabis community, you can really show them how much you care by stopping into Kind Leaf, Eastern Oregon’s premier craft cannabis boutique. If a road trip to Pendleton’s flagship dispensary isn’t in the cards, then there are certainly many other fine cannabis retail outlets in the Beaver State, but I urge you to find another locally-owned small business to support.

When you support Kind Leaf, you know that you are supporting a mom-and-pop shop that gives back to the local community, from supporting Pendleton’s growth and local economy by sponsoring neighborhood events and causes to giving Christmas gifts to the children of families that can use a helping hand thru their amazing Kind Tree program. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economies and it is extremely beneficial to our cities, counties, and the great state of Oregon when you make purchases from stores that keep that money in state. We don’t benefit nearly as much when our hard-earned dollars are being sent to banks across state lines, and especially out of the country.

Kind Leaf has around 170 strains to choose select from. These strains are cultivated at the top farms in Oregon and unlike other West Coast states, you actually get to smell the flowers when making your decision. There are many specials going on at Kind Leaf and Oregon medical patients always get a discount, on top of being tax exempt. Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Valentines Day Sales Kind Leaf

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