The Veterans Administration Should Provide Medical Cannabis

Many Americans rightfully appreciate the sacrifices made by military veterans, especially during the holidays, but our country unfortunately lets down our vets time after time. One glaring example is the lack of medical cannabis information and assistance available to vets through the Veterans Administration. One vet is rightfully making a push for the VA to provide medical cannabis directly to those that have put on a uniform to defend our nation, as reports:

”Medical marijuana gave me the chance to reduce my medications down to where I’m only taking four pills a day,” said David Eniss, a Delray Beach resident.

Eniss, a grandfather and U.S. Air Force veteran, says he doesn’t know what he would do without medical marijuana.


“I would hope that they would pass a law to take care of our veterans in that way, and that they would consider cannabis as a legitimate medication that could be covered under Veterans Administration benefits,” he explained.

We have made some good progress on medical cannabis laws across the nation and we did take a step forward recently when VA policy was changed to allow vets to participate in state medical cannabis programs and VA providers to discuss medical use as part of their patients’ comprehensive medical care. For too many veterans, this simply isn’t enough as too many are on limited incomes, let alone living in states that prohibit all forms of cannabis. It is past time that our government do right by vets on a variety of fronts, including regarding their safe access to medical cannabis.



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