Two New Polls Show Strong Support for Cannabis Legalization

People that utilize cannabis have suffered with criminal punishments and negative stigma for two long. Even in states where cannabis is legal, too many people are still unfairly harmed by a variety of laws and policy practices from housing to loans to employment to child custody. Those that have studied the issue understand the need to end the Reefer Madness-inspired war on the cannabis community, and thankfully, poll after poll demonstrates that a strong majority of the American people agree.

Marijuana Moment reports on two newly-released polls that demonstrate that more than 60% of Americans support cannabis legalization:

A Fox News survey, which involved phone interviews with 1,000 adults from December 8-11, showed that 63 percent of respondents support legalizing “the recreational use of marijuana on a national level,” while 34 percent oppose the policy.

A Marist poll, conducted in collaboration with NPR and PBS, surveyed 1,744 Americans from December 9-11. The results similarly showed 62 percent of respondents saying it is a “good idea” to legalize cannabis, with 33 stating it would be a “bad idea.”


“This holiday season, Americans are more likely than ever to agree in favor of legalizing marijuana when the topic comes up at the dinner table,” Justin Strekal, political director of NORML, told Marijuana Moment. “With a public majority mandate, now is our time to demand ending prohibition in advance of the 2020 elections.”

Holiday gatherings can be stressful for everyone, especially when sharing meals with friends and family with various disagreements, including whether cannabis should be legal. The cannabis community can feel strength in knowing that we are in the majority and that we are a part of a growing movement for freedom and equality. So, be sure to purchase that cannabis-related gift for your loved ones and don’t feel that you must hide your beliefs, you, and most folks across the nation, agree that it is time to stop prosecuting and persecuting the nonviolent cannabis community.

Featured Photo Credit: Drug Policy Alliance/Darrin Harris Frisby


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