Willie Nelson Isn’t Smoking, but He’s Still Using Cannabis

If there was a Mount Rushmore for cannabis cultural icons, Willie Nelson would definitely have his visage carved into the granite structure, along with Bob Marley. Those two spots are easy in my opinion, the next two are tougher, because with Mount Rushmore debates you only get to choose four. Do the spots go to Cheech and Chong or can we break the rules and make Cheech and Chong one person? Do we just go with Tommy Chong, since he’s stayed within the cannabis community and industry? What about Carl Sagan who wasn’t a known member of our tribe until after his death? Jimi Hendrix? Snoop Dogg? Sorry, I digress, this post is about Willie Nelson.

Headline after headline stated that Willie gave up smoking cannabis as the 86-year-old musician has been having health and lung problems. This was seen as a big news story as the legendary musician had smoked at the White House and proclaimed that marijuana “saved his life.” Experienced cannabis consumers understood that you can ingest cannabis and receive its benefits without smoking. Cannabis edibles, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and beverages are just some of the ways to consume cannabinoids. As those in the know expected, Willie Nelson is still using cannabis, he’s just not smoking it, as Vice reported:

Looking at the article all these publications are aggregating, the piece says nothing about Nelson cutting off marijuana for good and doesn’t include whether or not he still indulges in jazz cabbage in other ways. If Willie Nelson, of all people, told you he quit smoking weed, you’d ask a couple of follow-up questions. But, fortunately and unsurprisingly, none of those headlines are entirely accurate: It seems Willie Nelson is still getting high and using marijuana products like edibles, capsules, tinctures, and other non-smokeable items.

Here it is, folks! VICE reached out to Nelson’s representatives and received a short but sweet statement: “Willie has not quit cannabis.”

Willie Nelson, the lifelong cannabis activist, is still using cannabis. Some things in this world are still certain.

Just to make sure that people get the full picture, Nelson’s son took to Twitter to inform folks how far our society has come with the many ways that we can enjoy cannabis:

So have no fear folks, all is right in the world. Willie Nelson is still utilizing cannabis. You too can enjoy the many different ways that cannabis can now be consumed by venturing into Kind Leaf or the many cannabis retail stores across Oregon and other legalized states. Cannabis products also make great gifts and if you do come into Kind Leaf, please consider donating to the Kind Leaf toy drive to help families in need provide a great Christmas for their children. If you know of a family that could use some assistance this holiday season, nominations are open until December 9th.

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