Help Kind Leaf’s Kind Tree Program Uplift Children This Holiday Season

Everyone knows that the world is a crazy place with all kinds of stressors, obligations, and craziness. One thing that we can all agree on is that children should be uplifted as much as possible. In a world with so many problems, I am so proud of Kind Leaf for stepping up to help some children and families have a great holiday celebration. Programs like this are just another reason to support small, local businesses like Kind Leaf because no one understands the needs of community than mom and pops.

We’ll be publicizing Kind Leaf’s Kind Tree for the next week, while nominations for families are open, so please help us spread the word. Personally, as my family and friends know, I’m not much of a gift giver during the holidays, but I’ll certainly be contributing to this tremendous cause and I encourage folks to do the same. Not only are you helping a great cause, it just feels good to do good, AND Kind Leaf is rewarding contributors with a gift certificate to utilize next year.

Have a merry Christmas and happy holiday season, everybody!

Here’s Kind Leaf’s call for nominations and a description of the Kind Leaf program:

In our community there are many children who are excited for the holiday season, all around them, people are cheerful, kind and gathering together. This is a time of happiness, connection, giving and making memories. There are some local children that don’t feel the same way about the holidays inside, even though on the outside they seem strong, resilient and happy even though they may not be finding much under their tree. Life happens so fast and parents sometimes need help this time of year, the cold makes the utilities rise, extra layers means buying extra clothes and all of the other expenses can leave the tree rather empty. This is where we step in.

The Kind Leaf team has has helped gather support for over 20 families two years in row by putting up the Kind Tree.

What is the Kind Tree?

The Kind Tree is uniquely decorated each year with beautiful ornaments and tags with children’s age and gender on them. Our visitors have the option to participate by selecting a tag from the tree and returning with a gift suitable for the gender and age listed on the tag. We encourage gifts of $25 or more as we kindly return the participants generosity with a Kind Tree credit to use in our store during their next visit. –

We are officially accepting nominations for the 2019 Kind Tree.

Who qualifies:
1. Local Families with children under the age of 18.
2. Families that have not been included on any other local giving trees.

How does one nominate a family?

Friends and loved ones send an email consisting of one paragraph about the family being nominated. Tell us a little bit about why the children should be selected for the a kind Tree. Emails can be sent to – if the family you nominated is selected we will reach out for more information.

The children of selected families will have a “Santa’s worth” of presents delivered to their home in time for the children to open them on Christmas morning.

Nominations are being accepted until 12/9/19

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Kind Leaf Kind Tree

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