“C@sper OG” A Kind Review by Janice Garrett

“C@sper OG” cultivated by DeTerra Farms.
Photographed by Janice Garrett.

Deep in the woods of Beaver Creek, Oregon something captivating and spooky is cultivating at DeTerra Farms. Get ready for ”C@sper OG,” an indica dominant hybrid capable of ridding you of all your fears.

The meaning of DeTerra is “of the Earth” and they live up to it’s name by consistently growing high-quality cannabis flower. DeTerra has cultivated a surplus of popular strains currently available at Kind Leaf, such as “Kush & Cooks” and “Pineapple Chunk.” And believe me when I say their “C@sper OG” is just another prime example of mouth watering, top shelf cannabis.

These fat and funky, dense but fluffy looking buds gleam with sparkling trichomes under the lights, and it’s wild and crazy auburn hairs are enough to send any self-acclaimed weed connoisseur into an intense stoner lust.

Crack open a bud and let the citrus, earthy stank send shivers up your spine, as limonene and myrcene flood your nasal cavities.  Limonene and myrcene are terpenes that act as regulators of other terpenes, enhancing their effects and potency; which is why the THC quantity feels more intense than 19.8%. Add in a pretty high dose of CBD, at about 1.04%, and get yourself into a cozy, rest and relaxation mode.

The high on “C@sper OG” might creep up on you, but once in full effect expect to be uplifted, happy, and anxiety free. You are in control, as every hit takes you just slightly higher, letting you decide when you’ve reached your own personal level of desired euphoria. Elevate your mood, or drift into a deep sleep with “C@sper OG.” No matter what your prime objective, this charming strain will have you feeling floaty, wavy, and stress free for an extended amount of time.

“C@sper OG” is the friendliest, most soul calming hybrid available at Kind Leaf. Take home this delightful strain for $12 a gram today.

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