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CBD – A Basic Look.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has shown enormous potential both medically and scientifically. CBD is found in Industrial Hemp and other varietals of Feminized Cannabis

Where can I find that?

Kind Leaf Pendleton is a great resource for beginners seeking to explore the implementation of CBD into their daily routines. We have knowledgeable staff that are here to guide you through your visit. We take the time to ensure that you have a basic understanding of the product you are purchasing, and can inform you of places to learn more about cannabis and its derivatives.

Project CBD, Leafly, and Ladybud are a few great resources to learn more.

Opening a discussion about CBD should not be difficult, just ask how it would work for you.

Can I speak with my doctor about CBD?
Absolutely! being open with your care provider about your interest in CBD or even THC can enhance your relationship and provide you with information that a dispensary consultant cannot. 

What should one look for when choosing a CBD-rich product?

Look for products with clear labels showing the quantities and ratio of CBD and/or THC per dose. Select products with quality ingredients, best practice is to avoid corn syrup, artificial additives, thinning agents or artificial preservatives, even though products on the market can contain them. CBD-rich products produced and sold in Oregon are lab tested for consistency and purity, so be sure to look for the lab analysis information on the label. 

What is a stand by product for a novice interested in trying CBD?

Erin Purchase showcases Select CBD Tinctures.

We often recommend SELECT® brand CBD tinctures as a great entry point into using CBD. They have a great flavor from the added essential oils and they are very versatile. 

Select Tinctures can be used both topically and orally, both applications have been proven useful.

If you are more interested in an edible option other than tincture, one of our hot items in house is Wyld CBD which are rich, flavorful gummy candies made from real fruit, infused with quality cannabis oil.

Come visit Kind Leaf, we can enhance your awareness of CBD. We always recommend consulting with your physician about the potential positive impacts of CBD. 

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Kind Leaf Pendleton Offers Leafly Pickup

Kind Leaf Pendleton

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and blossom, so too has convenience of choosing the best method of consumption for each individual. The selection of cannabis brands and products to complement a consumer’s lifestyle has also grown exponentially.

Oftentimes, however, this convenience of choice and the large selection as some dispensaries leads to long wait times at, especially when everyone has the local shop after work or stocking up leading into the weekend. These peaks rushes are particularly bothersome for locals who are shopping their favorite location, and know what they want.

Selecting, purchasing, and enjoying the flower or cannabis product you chose should be a convenient and rewarding process from start to finish. Fortunately, more dispensaries are offering the ability to build your order online and pick it up in-store from an updated menu. This means letting you bypass the line so you can get in and out quickly and on with your day.

Kind Leaf Pendleton has partnered with Leafly and now offers Leafly Pickup, a convenient new service where consumers and medical marijuana patients can reserve their order online for free in-store pickup.

Simply visit the Kind Leaf Leafly menu, fill your cart with the products you love and place your order. A staff member will notify you when your order is ready for pick up. Staff will notify if substitutions or modifications need to be made. Enjoy ordering from the largest menu in the state of Oregon.

Be sure to leave a review on Leafly when you’re all done to let us know how we did!

Kind Leaf.

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Kind Leaf Budtenders Nominated for Awards

2019 Budtender Awards, Las Vegas, Nevada

LaRain Miller and Matt Brandhagen have moved on to the finalist stage of the 2019 Budtender Awards– hosted at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 11-12.

The Budtender Awards team created 9 Award categories which are referred to as the OG Awards. There are 5 finalists in each category. There were over 700 nominees! Finalists were announced August 30th on High Times’ 420 Live Instagram show.

Brandhagen, Resource Coordinator for Kind Leaf Pendleton has been nominated for the “Medallion Award.”

“I love working with cannabis because it provides so many options to help someone no matter what they may be dealing with. Customers come and put their faith in you to provide them with something to make their day better. When they come back to you happier than ever and they are thankful- That is what makes me happy.”
Matt Brandhagen
Kind Leaf Pendleton

Miller, Manager of Kind Leaf Pendleton has been nominated for the “Dazed and Infused award.”

“The joy I find in my job is out of this world. When I first started at Kind Leaf, I thought ‘Cool, I’m selling weed.’ As I started my journey I found this is more than just Weed, this is a plant that I can truly stand behind. From that moement on, I have just grown in the cannabis culture . Every day is something new, and my heart is filled with joy.”
LaRain Miller
Kind Leaf Pendleton

At Kind Leaf, our team feels honored that in total 5 Kind Leaf staff members were nominated for awards, and two made it to finals. This is such a cool moment for our shop and our community, as these two will be headed to Las Vegas this fall to represent Kind Leaf and Pendleton, Oregon!

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Cannabis Cultivation Regions in Oregon

An “appellation” is a legally defined and protected geographical indication found on a wine label. The appellation indicates the wine’s origin and, often dictates a standard of quality. They are found in almost every wine growing region in the world. There are many other food products, such as cheese and teas, which also have appellations.

One man’s constant is another man’s variable.

— Alan Perlis

During the latter years of cannabis prohibition areas such as the Emerald Triangle and Southern Oregon became known for distinctive black market cannabis. Many connoisseurs could begin to rely on a certain quality when making a purchase from these regions. During the onset of medical cannabis programs, many other regions began cultivation and new recognized areas began to appear on the market. Oregon has world-famous cannabis, sought out by epicureans and aficionados much in the same way Oregon wine and micro-brews are.

Here in Oregon, we have an inimitable climate. Various regions of this state possess more than one climate type, also known as micro-climates. Each climate type will cause a strain to express its genetics differently, so strains cultivated across the state have wildly different representations depending on the region. Cannabis grown here can benefit from defining appellations or regions. Which in turn would benefit the small or craft cannabis farms.

Southern Oregon has many compact regions that are becoming well-known in dispensaries across the state such as Rogue Valley and Applegate Valley. These regions have a Mediterranean type of climate which provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of most any strain, it is known that long-flowering tropical sativas with Thai or Hawaiian lineage fare the best in these regions when compared other Oregon regions.

The coastal range has a very cool climate, and is an area that is primarily indoor farms due to the cold and moist climate many of the fast flowering sedative Indica varietals are chosen here. The air is cool enough to cause purpling of the leaves and buds of the plant; the flower hailing from this region of has a wide range of colors.  

The Willamette Valley is moist as well, but with a much warmer climate and very fertile soils. This area shows a great number of indoor as well as greenhouse and light deprivation operations. Many strains cultivated here are hybridized due to breeding and trading. This is the temperate area stretching from Eugene to northeast Portland.

Central Oregon sees many climates each week. The weather is ever changing so many choose to work with Afghani and Mazari based Indica varietals. Brave and highly experienced central Oregon farmers choose Sativa and Sativa dominant hybrids as the sun here is long and full, as is the summer, despite sometimes harsh weather changes.  

Eastern Oregon is high desert but brushed right up against the Blue mountains. The sun is hot and the winds are strong. Winter comes fast- and once the cold comes to Eastern Oregon it is very cold and sometimes lasts until late May. The unpredictable harshness as well as long hours of direct sun, Kush strains are favored here for shorter flowering times and stronger branches.

Learn more about your cannabis growing region by speaking to your local knowledgeable budtenders and attending cannabis focused conventions or seminars. Take notes on your favorite strains, ask what company cultivated your flower and where; many people begin to recognize specific traits, various flavors and aromas, flower structures and find that they have a commonly preferred region.

Finding which regions you enjoy the most can provide for a great opportunity for discovery and learning as well as help expedite your dispensary visit.

Brandon Krenzler
Kind Leaf Pendleton

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Cannabis Consumption for Beginners

In many instances, a negative initial experience may be enough for someone to tragically banish cannabis from their life forever. Typically the reason for doing so has to do with the anxious, uncomfortable and even paranoia inducing side effects associated with consumption of high levels of THC; but what first-timers might not realize is there are ways to minimize unpleasant feelings and experiences.

For novices, lightweights and low-tolerance consumers, Kind Leaf has a recommendation for finding that perfect first-time experience.

Look for CBD rich Cannabis Strains!

Unlike THC, CBD is a relatively non-psychoactive compound with both relaxing and medicinal properties. CBD can actually help mitigate and even counteract THC associated anxiety, so it’s a perfect starting point for new users.

You’ll often find strains that contain equal parts THC and CBD, but some contain almost no THC at all. Beginning your journey with a CBD rich strain can assist in building the tolerance needed for individuals to experience more potent strains and cannabis infused products. Remember to start low and go slow if you are not a regular cannabis consumer. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. 

​CBD is considered to have a wide scope of potential medical applications – due to clinical reports showing the lack of side effects, particularly a lack of psychoactivity (as is typically associated with ∆9-THC), and non-interference with several psychomotor learning and psychological functions.

Kind Leaf Staff-